styleborg portfolio resume bio  
I recently completed my Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University.

My professional experience includes user-centered research, interaction design, usability testing, project management, consulting and teaching. I've published research on instant messaging with kinetic typography and on the comfort of wearable artifacts. Currently, I'm writing about the design and usability of self-service kiosks for Forrester Research.

A year and half ago, I created Styleborg, a blog that chronicles my thoughts on wearable technology, design, fashion and culture. Styleborg has readers from around the world and has been featured as a hot site in USA Today.

I love the creative and physical aspects of activities like weaving, wood working, metal working, drawing, and electronic tinkering. I get excited about understanding the contexts in which people work, play and live and how people adapt existing products to meet their needs. I believe in creating overall pleasurable product experiences, not just in fixing isolated problems.

I'm always looking for interesting collaborative design projects, especially in the area of wearable technology.